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National conference planned

Davld Langille — December 1983

Disarmament groups across the country are encouraged to send representatives to the national strategy conference planned for February 2-5 in Winnipeg. Although the conference is being organised by the Peace Petition Caravan Campaign, it will be structured to permit a wide-ranging discussion of the future directions open to the Canadian peace movement.

There has been a keen interest shown for such a conference. Activists everywhere have been wondering about how to make the peace movement more politically effective. Many groups want to ensure that disarmament is a key issue in the upcoming federal elections. This national conference will provide an opportunity to discuss how these objectives might be realised.

The agenda is now being drafted, in consultation with peace groups across Canada. Among the suggested topics are: Women’s perspectives on the peace movement; Liaison with labour; Mass actions and CD; Peace education; and Media relations. There is a particular interest in discussing how the Canadian peace movement might develop a more unified structure and a better-coordinated campaign.

Suggestions for the agenda should be sent to the Peace Petition Caravan Campaign, 600 Bank St., Ottawa, K1S 3T6. Their telephone number is (613) xxx-xxxx.

The logistical details of the conference are being organised by the Manitoba committee of the PPCC.. They can be contacted at 696 Westminster Ave., Winnipeg, R3G 1A2, or by phoning Gary Russell or Ben Parker at (204) xxx-xxxx.