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anon — October 1983

Over one million dollars a minute is spent on arms, while every second, another human life is wasted by starvation or disease.

E.P. Thompson, the celebrated historian and peace activist, gave the planet another decade. This is not the threat of an alarmist — it is the sound observation of a realist. In the past few years we have witnessed the development of hope and life in the midst of nuclear nihilism. Peace begins with each one of us. Whether or not the peace movement succeeds depends on us, on our determination, our commitment, our tolerance and our trust.

We come from many diverse backgrounds and beliefs but we have one thing in common — the desire to live in peace and security. Despite our differences, we need each other and we must work together. This need inspired CANDIS to produce The Peace Calendar. In our own way, we’re trying to bring people together who share that common desire.

With this issue, we have broadened our coverage and increased our circulation to 35,000 copies per month.

We’re not doing this because we’ve been suddenly deluged with financial support; we’re doing it because we believe in The Peace Calendar. Communication is essential to peace. The Peace Calendar is a forum for people to discuss, to share ideas and to exchange information. It’s your newspaper, and only you can ensure its continued existence.

You can contribute monthly or annually, as outlined in the boxes below. Give according to your income, and please give generously. All donations are tax-deductible.

“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” (A.G. Muste) And it’s up to every one of us. Thank you for your support.

The Editors