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Anonymous — February 1983

CANDIS is an acronym for “Canadian Disarmament Information Service” a new organization devoted to spreading the word about peacemaking efforts throughout Canada, but particularly the Toronto area.

We are located in the Peace Chapel upstairs at the church of the Holy Trinity, which is located between the Eaton Centre and the new city hall. It is our intention to maintain accurate files and to answer all queries concerning the activities of groups devoted to disarmament efforts.

In addition, we keep a clipping service, subscribe to several newsletters and journals on the antinuclear weapons issue, collect brochures and papers, and in various ways try to provide information services. We have a few films and videotapes, will sell a few books, and will keep a browsing library.

All of these programs are just getting started. We have need of volunteers and our greatest need is for funds.

Up to now we have no regular budget or source of funds. In the near future we expect our calendar to be known well enough to make it reasonable to offer subscriptions, ana the rate will be $8.00 for a year. We hope that you already find our calendar and newsletter valuable. With sufficient funds we expect to be able to expand the coverage and size.

We hope that your group will find the calendar and newsletter valuable and that you will want to continue receiving it regularly. Furthermore, we want news of your group’s activities.

Phone us by the 21st of each month to tell us about your plans for the next month. If the plans are directly related to the arms race and the peace movement, we will publicize it on our calendar of events.

The CANDIS office is normally open from 9:00 am. to 5:00 pm. on weekdays and irregularly at other times.

CANDIS has a phone number that can be remembered easily — 585-CALL, which is 585-2255.

The work of CANDIS is carried not mainly by volunteers. who are coordinated by Beth Richard. Metta Spencer shares responsibility for the ongoing work, which enjoys the patronage of several eminent Canadians. Mayor Art Eggleson. Rev. Clarke MacDonald, Prof. Eric Fawcett, author Margaret Laurence, and Dan Ross are among those patrons. which are being added to at the present time.

Calendar Feb 1983

Anonymous — February 1983


To protest Cruise Missile testing agreement, you can call the following phone numbers for 65 cents per minute: Prime Minister Trudeau: 613-992-4211
Alan MacEachen, Minister of external affairs 613-992-9171.
Or write a letter (it is cheaper) and send copies to CANDIS and to your M.P.

Demonstration: ACT (Against Cruise Testing Coalition) is holding a demonstration on the first Saturday following the announcement of the signing of the umbrella agreement. Time: 1:00 pm. Place: Liberal Party Headquarters, 34 King Street East, Toronto. Call xxx-xxxx for information.

VIGIL FOR PEACE: Following the announcement there will be a nightly vigil at the headquarters of the Liberal Party until the Saturday demonstration. Vigils will last all night and your participation will be valued.

New organization! Parents for Peace requires educational material on disarmament suitable for parents, teachers, or students so send your assistance to: Parents for Peace, School and Community Relations Department, Toronto Board of Education, 155 College St., Toronto. Or call Katie Kaufman at xxx-xxxx.

ITALIAN-CANADIAN PEACE COMMITTEE. A general meeting with speakers will be held in February at Dufferin and St. Clair Library, 1625 Dufferin Street. For details phone Giovanni Polidori at xxx-xxxx or Constanza Allevato, xxx-xxxx.

Network, a peace newsletter published in Ottawa, is available by subscription—$6.00 for 12 issues. Make cheques to Gary Moffatt. Address, 105 Rideau St., Ottawa K1N SX1.

A conference on development and disarmament is planned for March 8-10 in Ottawa, auspices of Canadian Council for International Cooperation, 321 Chapel St., Ottawa KIN 7Z2. Phone xxx-xxxx.


tuesday, feb. 1st
North York Peace Committee: General Meeting, 8:00 p.m. at Lansing United Church, 49 Bogert Avenue. contact: Harold Kirkpatrick at xxx-xxxx.
wednesday, feb. 2nd
Science for Peace: “Biological Warfare: Past Methods and Future Possibilities” with Arthur Forer, Dept. of Biology, York University, 5:30 p.m. at the Coffee Lounge, Room 111, 60 St. George St. (McLellan Labs Bldg., University of Toronto). contact: Metta Spencer at 789-2294
UCAM-University of Toronto Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament:Discussion Meeting, 7:00 pm. at Victoria Terrace Room, Wymilwood Hall (St Charles and Avenue Road) contact: Sarah Winterton at xxx-xxxx.
thursday, feb. 3rd
OPIRG: Benefit dance, 8:00 pm at McMaster University in Hamilton. Featured is the Toronto band, Conditioned response. contact: Chuck, xxx-xxxx.
Development Education Centre and Alliance for Peace: Showing the film, In The King Of Prussia, starring Martin Sheen. Music Hall Theatre, 147 Danforth Avenue. Cost $6. contact: Fern Crystal, xxx-xxxx.
friday, feb. 4th
Development Education Centre and Alliance for Peace: the film, In The King of Prussia. See Feb. 3rd.
saturday, feb. 5th
Development Education Centre and Alliance for Peace: the film, In The King of Prussia. See Feb. 3rd.
sunday, feb. 6th
CANDIS: Pot luck supper at Holy Trinity Church, at the Eaton Centre. contact: CANDIS, xxx-xxxx
tuesday, feb. 8th
UCAM- U. of T. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: Discussion Meeting, 7 p.m. at Victoria Terrace Rm. at Wymilwood Hall, (St. Charles and Avenue Rd.
contact: Sarah Winterton at xxx-xxxx
wednesday, feb. 9th
Science for Peace: *Inaugural meeting of Toronto chapter, election. 5:30 pm. at Rm. 111, 60 St. George St. contact: Eric Fawcett at xxx-xxxx.
thursday, feb.10th
East End Peace Action: Workshop,“A Grain of SALT: Big Powers at Small Table” 7:00 pm. at Beaches Lib. (Queen & Lee) contact: Jeremy or Danya Agar at xxx-xxxx.
friday, feburary 11th
Spadina Peace Group & U of T. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; “Love This Planet Valentine Party” 8:00 pm Victoria Terrace Rm., Wymilwood Halil, at St. Charles and Avenue Road contact: Matt Clark, xxx-xxxx.
saturday, february 12th
Canadian Youth for Peace: Rummage sale, 10 am. to 3 pm. at Trinity United Church, 427 Bloor St. W. contact: Mike Connolly at xxx-xxxx.
sunday, february 13th
Cruise Missile Conversion Project: Pot luck supper, 6:30 pm. at 38 Langley Avenue. contact: Murray McAdam at xxx-xxxx.
tuesday, february 15th
Peel Peacemakers: Meeting, 7:30 pm. Unitarian Church 84 S. Service Rd., Mississauga. contact: Dorothy Barber at xxx-xxxx.
wednesday, feb. 16th
Science for Peace: Lecture: “A Dialogue—Organized by the Soviet Peace Committee in Moscow, Jan.28-30, 1983” 5:30 pm. at Rm. 111, 60 St. George St. contact: Dr. Eric Fawcett xxx-xxxx.
U. of T. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: Discussion Mtg. 7:00 pm. Victoria Terrace Room, Wymilwood Hall, at St. Charles and Avenue Rd. contact: Sarah Winterton, xxx-xxxx.
thursday, feb. 17th
Cruise Missile Conversion Project: Pot luck supper and general meeting, 6:30pm. and 7:30 pm. at 730 Bathurst St. (Bathurst St. United Church) contact: Murray McAdam, at xxx-xxxx.
february 21st to 25th
Teachers for Social Justice: “Blessed are the Peacemakers” with Norman Alcock, Jim Endicott, Setsuko Thurlow, at Neil McNeil High School. contact: Ted Schmidt at xxx-xxxx.
tuesday, feb. 22nd
U. of T. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: A discussion at 7 pm. at Victoria Terrace Rm. in Wymilwood Hall, St. Charles and Avenue Rd. contact: Sarah Winterton at xxx-xxxx.
thursday, feb. 24th
Toronto Association for Peace: A film, Day After Trinity 8:00 pm. at Board of Education Bldg., 155 College St. contact: Hans Blumenfeld at xxx-xxxx.
East End Peace Action Nuked up Media: A Study in What the Papers Say. 7:00 pm. at Kew Beach Library, at Queen and Lee Streets. contact: Jeremy or Danya Agar, xxx-xxxx.
Science for Peace: “Problems and Pitfalls of Peace Research” with Prof. Anatol Rapaport, Director, Inst. of Advanced Studies, Vienna. 8:00 pm. at West Hall, University College. contact : Terry Gardner at xxx-xxxx.
saturday, feb. 26th
Toronto 2000: Day long event, “Countdown to Lift off, 2000” 10:00 am. to 5 pm. and 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm at OISE, 252 Bloor St. W. contact: Helen Tucker at xxx-xxxx.

Johan Galtung

Anonymous — February 1983

Holy Blossom Temple offered a week-long series of lectures and panel discussions during January on the theme of the nuclear arms race.

Professor Johan Galtung was the keynote speaker. He was evidently not optimistic over the prospects for avoiding a nuclear war, but he was not as pessimistic about the future of the post-war world as other writers, notably Jonathan Schell, in that Galtung thinks it unlikely that a nuclear war in Europe would destroy the entire human species. He considers a more probable outcome to be the loss of between 1 and 2 billion lives, or up to half of the human population.

Galtung holds that a few European countries might survive such a holocaust. The most likely one would be Switzerland, which has been careful to stay clear of both superpowers and to keep its military preparations limited to defensive systems, refusing to acquire the capability of fighting beyond its own borders.

Switzerland, moreover, has made a point of being useful to other countries, who would probably make an effort to keep it intact.

Galtung was explicit in his suggestion that a nation like Canada might be able to copy many of the policies of the Swiss, thereby making its own survival more probable in the case of a nuclear war.