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About The Peace Calendar

Ken Simons — December 2009

The Peace Calendar was the first regular publication of the Canadian Disarmament Information Service (CANDIS), and was the direct predecessor of Peace Magazine.

The Peace Calendar arose out of an urgent need for peace movement information during the dangerous years of the early 1980s, when the US-USSR nuclear arms race reached a menacing intensity. For Canadian peace activists, the nuclear-armed cruise missile — tested over Canadian territory and dependent on Canadian arms manufacturers for components — was a central campaigning issue, but it was just one part of a larger sense of nuclear danger. In Western Europe, the Pershing II missiles were deployed in response to the Soviet Union’s SS-20s, upping the ante in the countries (in particular, the still-divided Germany) which had been the crucible of the Cold War.

The Peace Calendar was published from January 1983 to December 1984. The Canadian peace movement was so active, and the need for news so urgent, that the paper expanded rapidly — from one letter-sized page in January 1983 to 12 tabloid pages in February 1984.

All the 1983 and 1984 issues of The Peace Calendar are now available online. They were scanned from copies of the paper originals, so may still contain the odd typographical error (the 1984 issues, in particular, still need a thorough proofreading). We have retained all articles and “Network News” shorts, but have not included the listings pages or ads (aside from some house ads). To protect people’s privacy, we have blanked out any phone numbers which appeared in the original issues.

New for January 2016: The Peace Calendar pages now use the same template as the main Peace Magazine site (with a few variations) and as such are fully smartphone compatible.

All articles by author

Al Rycroft
Winnipeg participants consider national coalition 1984-03-01
Amy Kaler
Clarke works on U.C. outreach 1984-08-01
Dove for Peace: Bringing business into the movement 1984-09-01
Amy Kaler (reviewer)
REVIEW: The Day We Bombed Utah 1984-07-01
Anatol Rapoport
NEWSLETTER: Science for Peace 1984-05-01
Andrew Van Velzen
CMCP holds Nagasaki Day commemoration at Litton 1984-09-01
Remembrance Week CD attracts hundreds 1983-12-01
Target: Military production 1984-05-01
Ann Rowan
Making the freeze an election issue 1984-09-01
Three campaigns to influence election 1984-08-01
Anne Hume
Thirteen Torontonians visit Volgograd, USSR 1984-12-01
Twinning's positive impact 1984-04-01
A litany of Christmas images 1983-12-01
A REMINDER: 1983-12-01
ACT Speakouts 1983-09-01
Act, but act creatively 1983-08-01
After the Big One: Nuclear War on the Prairies 1984-02-01
An open letter to the government of the Soviet Union: 1984-09-01
Announcements: 1983-03-01
Battle not over 1983-07-01
Belated thanks 1984-05-01
Buy The Peace Calendar in bulk 1984-06-01
Calendar Feb 1983 1983-02-01
Calendar. 1983-01-01
Canadian Disarmament Information Service 1983-03-01
Cancellation of weapons testing urged 1984-12-01
CANDIS 1983-03-01
CANDIS Appeal 1983-10-01
CANDIS has moved 1983-12-01
CANDIS News 1983-04-01
CANDIS news 1983-05-01
Churches: Peacemaking _not_ optional 1983-12-01
Correction 1983-10-01
Correction 1984-03-01
Correction 1984-04-01
Defense Sense: The Search for a Rational Military Policy 1984-05-01
Defense spending reflects weights of hawks and doves 1984-04-01
From the Publisher: 1983-06-01
General Announcements 1983-04-01
Griffiss AFB protest walk 1983-07-01
Independent peace movement 1983-11-01
Johan Galtung 1983-03-01
Johan Galtung 1983-02-01
Le mouvement anti-guerre québecois prend forme 1984-02-01
Le mouvement au Québec: Le clivage reste profond 1984-08-01
Letters 1983-10-01
Letters 1983-12-01
Letters 1984-02-01
Letters 1984-04-01
Letters 1984-05-01
Letters 1984-06-01
Letters 1984-08-01
Letters 1984-09-01
Letters 1984-10-01
Letters 1984-11-01
Letters. 1984-03-01
Make Ontario an NWFZ 1983-06-01
MPs tight-lipped 1983-04-01
Music for Social Change 1983-04-01
National Letter Writing Campaign 1984-05-01
National Letter Writing Campaign 1984-07-01
National Letter Writing Campaign 1984-08-01
National Letter Writing Campaign 1984-09-01
National Letter Writing Campaign 1984-11-01
National Letter-Writing Coalition 1984-12-01
Network news 1983-05-01
Network News 1983-06-01
Network News 1983-07-01
Network News 1983-08-01
Network News 1983-11-01
Network News 1984-05-01
Network replies to Trudeau 1983-06-01
New Peace Organizations 1983-04-01
NEWSLETER: United Church works for Peace through Justice 1984-11-01
Newsletter will make United Church peace efforts more effective! 1984-10-01
NEWSLETTER: Science for Peace 1984-06-01
Oct. 22 -- International Day of Protest 1983-10-01
Peace 1983-02-01
Peace Events 1983-04-01
Peace Network News 1983-09-01
Peace Network News 1983-10-01
Peace Network News 1983-12-01
Peace Network News 1984-02-01
Peace Network News 1984-03-01
Peace Network News 1984-04-01
Peace Network News 1984-06-01
Peace Network News 1984-07-01
Peace Network News 1984-08-01
Peace Network News 1984-09-01
Peace Network News 1984-11-01
Peace Petition Caravan Schedule 1984-09-01
PEDAL FOR PEACE 1984-09-01
Please read this! 1983-05-01
Please read this! 1983-07-01
PM plans to release the Clark report 1984-11-01
Quote of the Month 1984-04-01
Reactors spread the bomb 1984-06-01
Recommended books 1983-11-01
Recommended films 1983-11-01
Recommended television 1983-11-01
Resources 1983-04-01
Resources 1983-05-01
Resources 1983-06-01
Resources 1983-07-01
Resources 1983-08-01
Resources 1984-02-01
Resources 1984-06-01
Resources 1984-07-01
Resources 1984-08-01
REVIEW: Arms Maker, Union Buster, Litton Industries: A Corporate Profile 1984-08-01
REVIEW: Curing Nuclear Madness 1984-11-01
REVIEW: Hollywood attacks the arms race ( _Testament_ and _The Day After_) 1983-12-01
REVIEW: Red Dawn 1984-09-01
REVIEW: The Deadly Connection: Nuclear War and U.S. Intervention 1984-06-01
REVIEW: The Prevention of Nuclear War 1984-06-01
REVIEW: The Russians and Reagan 1984-07-01
REVIEW: The Trimtab Factor 1984-07-01
REVIEW: Warday 1984-04-01
REVIEW: _Canada and the Nuclear Arms Race_ 1983-12-01
REVIEW: _Dark Oracle_ 1983-11-01
REVIEW: _No More Hibakusha_ 1983-10-01
Science for Peace 1984-03-01
Science for Peace Newsletter 1984-02-01
Science for Peace Newsletter 1984-04-01
Special plea from the U.S. Freeze Campaign 1984-03-01
Strategy conference planned for December 1983-11-01
Suggested Films 1983-10-01
Suggested Readings 1983-10-01
That's Not the Point! 1983-07-01
The Newcombes: a profile 1983-05-01
The Peace Calendar 1983-04-01
The Peace Calendar 1983-06-01
The Peace Calendar 1983-11-01
The Peace Calendar 1984-02-01
The Peace Calendar 1984-03-01
The Peace Calendar Regional Correspondents 1984-03-01
The Rosenblum Letters 1984-04-01
This is not a government publication! 1983-11-01
Toronto Peace Garden 1984-02-01
Trudeau first target of letter campaign 1984-02-01
Vancouver's E.A.R. steps up campaign 1983-09-01
W. Germany's Greens re-evaluate direction, process 1984-07-01
WHAT IS CANDIS? 1983-10-01
What is CANDIS? 1983-11-01
WHAT IS CANDIS? 1983-12-01
WHAT IS CANDIS? 1984-02-01
WHAT IS CANDIS? 1984-03-01
Beth Richards
Cruise tests are international issue 1983-08-01
Doug Roche reconvenes consultative arms group 1984-12-01
E.P. Thompson tells Toronto audience: Canada can be leader 1983-09-01
Greens' problems not unique to Canada 1983-07-01
Labour to participate in Hiroshima Day 1984-07-01
Permanent peace goes with women's liberation 1984-04-01
The last generation 1983-10-01
US/Canada Unite vs. Cruise 1983-11-01
W. Germany's Greens: Focus on tomorrow, today 1983-11-01
W. Germany's Hot Autumn 1983-10-01
Walkathon to support Toronto groups 1983-09-01
Bob Penner
October peak for peace campaigns 1983-08-01
PPCC representatives meet with Mulroney 1984-11-01
Bob Penner and Christopher Ross
Caravaners plan coalition conference 1984-11-01
Bob Wilson
British movement escalates tactics 1984-09-01
Bruce Torrie
Vancouver peace cruise 1984-03-01
Cathy Laurier and Paul Ogresco
Youth learn about Soviet peace work 1984-07-01
Christopher Ross
Talking with your kids about war 1984-11-01
Clive Russell
Toronto's Buddhist community: Individualistic practice is the basis for social action 1984-09-01
Dan Anstett
Ottawa CD trial 1984-05-01
Dan Heap
Where do the parties stand? 1984-03-01
David Cleary
Groups discuss denuclearizing Europe 1984-06-01
Leaders questioned about arms control 1984-09-01
David Cleary (reviewer)
REVIEW: Living with Nuclear Weapons 1984-05-01
David Collins
Conversion planning a must 1984-08-01
David Delaunay
Mother's Day in Sudbury 1984-06-01
David Langille
US, Canada to make peace an election issue 1984-04-01
David Orfald
Faith groups hold nuclear hearings 1984-10-01
David Ramsay
Victims of War' Day urged for final Saturday in U.N. Disarmament Week 1984-10-01
Davld Langille
National conference planned 1983-12-01
Deb Ellis
Electronically enhanced war game expands to Canada in New Year 1984-12-01
Debra Westerburg
De-bunkering Debert 1984-04-01
Derek Rasmussen
E.T. Go Home... 1984-09-01
Diana Leis
Uranium mining angers Saskatchewan natives 1984-10-01
Don G. Bates
VIEWPOINTS: Voting pressure pointless without peace referendum 1984-03-01
Dwight Burkhardt
Police raid peace camps in Comiso 1984-07-01
Edward Mann (reviewer)
War, Peace and the Media 1984-05-01
Elizabeth Roberts
REVIEW: The Next War 1984-08-01
Eric Walberg
Stringband: "Soviets are sincere" 1983-12-01
Eric Walberg (reviewer)
REVIEW: Across Russia by Stage 1984-11-01
Ernie Regehr
Canada's military exports 1984-04-01
Eudora Pendergrast
ACT releases disarmament survey of Toronto candidates 1984-09-01
Arbitrator bans button 1983-08-01
Cruise suit over first hurdle 1983-10-01
Cruise suit sets Charter precedent 1983-08-01
Cruise testing request: Free vote refused 1983-07-01
Disarm Ontario 1983-06-01
Group calls for referendum 1983-09-01
Litton conversion sought by Christian activists 1984-04-01
National conference stresses issues, goals 1984-03-01
Ontario Federation of Labour begins active role in peace and disarmament 1984-12-01
Taking the first step 1983-07-01
The Nuclear North: The People, the Regions and the Arms Race. 1984-03-01
Eudora Pendergrast (reviewer)
Review: Silkwood and Who Killed Karen Silkwood? 1984-02-01
Fergus Watt
Association holds conference on strengthening the United Nations 1984-12-01
Floyd Howlett
Regehr speaks to Peacemakers' Workshop: Canada fifth in spending 1984-11-01
Gary Marchant
Debate turns into freeze-for-all 1984-09-01
Obstacles to formation of national coalition can be overcome 1984-09-01
Gordon Ball
Activists to meet in Couchiching to seek constructive action 1984-07-01
Gordon Flowers
CPC Conference supports PPCC 1984-05-01
Hamish Wilson
CNFO holds Darlington protest 1984-07-01
General calls NATO role into question 1984-12-01
Nuclear-Free Ontario: June rally at Darlington 1984-06-01
Hans Blumenfeld
Canadian Peace Congress to hold international dialogue in Toronto in November 1984-11-01
Hans Eisenkraft
Campaign underway for petition caravan 1983-10-01
Harold Patton
Disarmament theatre 1983-06-01
Harriet Eisenkraft
Swords into ploughshares 1983-12-01
The Sound of Peace 1983-07-01
Ian Orenstein
Hiroshima relived 1983-07-01
Isobel Hill
Women's conference attends UN talks 1984-04-01
Jack Panozzo
C.C.O.D.P. presents petition to Pepin 1984-07-01
Jane Davidson
Peace Parties appeal to grass roots level 1984-06-01
Janina Barrett
War Toys boycott gaining support 1984-12-01
Jennifer Kinloch
Vancouver conference lively 1984-12-01
Jim Thurlow
Reflections on Hiroshima 1984-08-01
Joan Huang
Campus conference links peace and student issues 1983-10-01
Joanna Miller
Canadians should support freeze 1984-03-01
Joe Flexer
Unions to participate in Metro Petition Caravan 1984-02-01
Joe Mihevc
Toronto to get peace centre 1984-06-01
John Pendergrast
A concrete vacation 1983-08-01
ACT to broaden approach 1984-03-01
Canada tests the Charter 1983-11-01
Non-aligned nations urge disarmament 1984-07-01
School peace groups 1983-05-01
John Pendergrast (reviewer)
REVIEW: The Baroque Arsenal 1984-09-01
Review: The Nuclear Barons 1984-05-01
Jon Spencer
Anglicans adopt N-war resolution 1983-08-01
April 28 protest planned 1984-04-01
Artists form new group 1983-10-01
Canadians waltz home from Vienna talks 1983-12-01
Churches protest arms race 1983-09-01
Cruise issue called 'far from settled' 1983-08-01
First US cruise test prompts quick peace movement response 1984-04-01
Interview: Pauline Jewett 1984-09-01
Santa vs. the cruise 1983-12-01
The cruise missile: a simple analysis 1983-11-01
Jon Spencer (reviewer)
REVIEW: Thinking About the Next War 1984-05-01
REVIEW: _When The Wind Blows_ 1983-07-01
This weekend's reading list: 1984-05-01
Jon Spencer and Charlie Wiener
REVIEW: _WarGames_ 1983-07-01
Jonathan Spencer
Happy 1st anniversary! 1984-02-01
Judith Meinert
How it's done in Saint John 1984-08-01
Saint John Ploughshares prepares for U.N. Disarmament Week 1984-10-01
Judy Fretz
Fort Qu'appelle Peace Group celebrates first birthday at Arts for Peace Festival 1984-10-01
Judy Wells
PPCC launched at Toronto press conference 1984-04-01
What stimulated high Vancouver turnout? 1984-06-01
Kathy Sesto
The march in Toronto 1983-10-01
The real Mother's Day 1983-05-01
Ken Hancock
Keeping the Third World in line 1984-06-01
Movement ignores damage caused by nuclear cycle 1984-07-01
VIEWPOINTS: Temptation for first use in Middle East 1984-05-01
Keneva Kunz and Ami Hjartarson
Militarizing the North Atlantic 1984-06-01
Kim Killeen
ELECTION '84: How can we have an impact? What is the role of the peace movement? 1984-08-01
Kurt Anderson
Quote of the Month 1984-03-01
Laura Benson (reviewer)
REVIEW: The Forgotten Treaties: A practical plan for world disarmament 1984-05-01
Laurie MacBride
Camp open at Nanoose Bay facility 1984-08-01
Lee Gold
CIRPA protests police harassment of peace activists 1984-05-01
Litton trials continue 1984-04-01
Lynn Connell
Each town extends unique welcome for Peace Petition Caravan 1984-11-01
PPCC coalition begins long trek to Ottawa 1984-10-01
Lynn Harrison
ANVA plans week of resistance at Litton 1983-11-01
Greens leader visits Canada: Forging international ties 1983-05-01
Grindstone's 20th anniversary 1983-06-01
May conference to be held by World Federalists 1984-04-01
Queen's Park Peace Camp 1983-06-01
Lynn Harrison (reviewer)
The Little Black Book of Atomic War 1984-09-01
Lynn Harrison and Neil Macdonald
April 23rd Demonstration: ACT against the cruise 1983-04-01
Margaret Boyce
Toronto to celebrate peace pentecost 1984-06-01
Margaret McBride
Arts for Peace National Conference: Artists call for peace crusade 1984-03-01
Mariana Valverde
PPCC, intervention, national coalition themes of Toronto conference 1984-02-01
Women's way to peace 1984-03-01
Marina Valverde
Women's Day !n Toronto 1984-03-01
Marjorie Elston
NWFZ Up for November debate 1983-11-01
Resolution fails: Ontario _not_ NWFZ 1983-12-01
Martha Waldon
Canadians discuss conversion in Boston 1984-08-01
Martin Cash
Early political reactions to PPCC 1984-06-01
Martin Cash and Muni Taub
Two separate activities for Toronto's Hiroshima Day 1984-08-01
Martin Zeilig
CCIC sets election priorities 1984-04-01
Movement gathers to discuss 1984 strategy 1984-02-01
Student group to hold nine day conference 1984-05-01
The views of the delegates 1984-03-01
Mary Cox
Are Genie missiles to be removed? 1984-08-01
Mary Vrantsidis
Converting military industry 1983-11-01
Peace Network News 1984-10-01
REVIEW: _Gods of Metal_ 1983-12-01
Teaching the non-violent method 1983-09-01
Women hold conference in Washington 1984-10-01
Matthew Clark
CIIA conference: Bureaucrats meet with activists 1984-07-01
Ontario activists gather to discuss issues and strategies 1984-12-01
Ontario conference discusses future 1984-08-01
REVIEW: Black Rain 1984-08-01
REVIEW: _With Enough Shovels: Reagan, Bush and Nuclear War_ 1983-10-01
Southern Ontario conference discusses the state of the movement 1983-12-01
Strategy conference planned for December 1983-12-01
The Third World and the Third World War 1984-02-01
Toronto's Network reorganises 1983-05-01
Viewpoints 1983-10-01
Where do we go from here? 1984-10-01
World Feds: reducing international conflict 1984-06-01
Matthew Clark (reviewer)
REVIEW: Weapons and Hope 1984-09-01
Matthew Clark and Mita Hans
U.N. Disarmament Week: Walking for peace on the 22nd 1983-10-01
Matthew Clark and Patrick MacDonald
Ellsberg speaks in Toronto: A call for `mutiny' 1984-08-01
Maureen Curle
Nanoose test site for nuclear subs 1984-05-01
Mel Watkins
Arms production leads to unemployment, higher interest, low productivity 1984-08-01
Metta Spencer
Analysis 1983-08-01
Canada sends new delegation to the UN 1984-11-01
Canada votes against nuclear freeze at UN 1984-12-01
Caravan returns to N. America 1984-07-01
Fallout ash likely to ensure extinction 1984-05-01
Ignatieff to be Disarmament Ambassador 1984-09-01
INTERVIEW: Anatol Rapoport 1984-11-01
Members of Trust Group visit Ontario 1984-06-01
Millions protest deployment 1983-11-01
Policy implications of nuclear winter: Sagan to visit Ottawa 1984-06-01
Research discussed at Brock 1984-06-01
Soviet activist threatened 1984-02-01
TDN holds Tag Day for peace 1984-10-01
Third track committee meets with Trudeau 1984-02-01
VIEWPOINTS: Christianity and pacifism 1983-12-01
Women work toward negotiating alternatives 1984-10-01
Metta Spencer (interviewer)
Politics and the Peace Movement 1984-10-01
Metta Spencer (reviewer)
REVIEW: Crisis and Opportunity 1984-05-01
REVIEW: The Evolution of Cooperation 1984-11-01
Michael Galler
Building a broadly representative base 1984-06-01
Weapons-free zones: Taking a stand 1984-07-01
Michael Manolson
Petition to be delivered to MPs in Parliament 1984-10-01
Mona Irwin
Children highlight of Hiroshima Day march 1983-09-01
Murray Thomson
Prominent Canadians discuss foreign policy 1984-10-01
Nancy MacMillan
War Toys Campaign is no game 1983-12-01
Nancy Watt
ACT plans nationwide protests 1984-03-01
NWFZ drive in full swing 1983-10-01
Soviets deport Toronto activist 1984-08-01
Nancy Watt (reviewer)
REVIEW: The Butter Battle Book 1984-05-01
Neil Macdonald
A Deadly Missile 1983-04-01
New Protest Group 1983-04-01
Nicole de Montbrun
Grassroots peace effort 1983-10-01
Sports 1983-11-01
Pamela Miller
Carroll calls for nuclear freeze 1984-05-01
Marshallese live on nuclear testing range 1984-04-01
Paul Dilse
PPCC canvasser moving on 1984-08-01
Paula Rochman
Chomsky's 'deadly connections' 1984-04-01
Litton activists in largest political group trial ever 1984-03-01
Peggi Sioux
Ottawa's Harmony One brings many diverse groups together 1984-10-01
Peter Rosenthal
Litton and the Criminal Code 1984-06-01
Phillip Abrahams
Cruise Missile Testing-Update 1983-03-01
Phillip Abrahams and Kathy Sesto
Hans Blumenfeld: a profile 1983-04-01
Prof. Metta Spencer
Beyond the UN stalemate 1983-06-01
R. V. Cupido (reviewer)
Review: The Nuclear Almanac: Confronting the Atom in War and Peace. 1984-10-01
Richard Kopycinski
The Litton defense rests 1984-03-01
Robert Aldridge.
REVIEW: _First Strike!_ 1983-11-01
Robert M. Riekover
Soviet-American exchange urged 1984-11-01
Robert Penner
Artists participate in festival 1984-06-01
Britain's CND holds conference: Cruise, freeze, NATO highlight debate 1984-02-01
Dutch defer decision on Euromissiles 1984-07-01
The Cold Lake walk 1983-05-01
Who are these people? 1984-09-01
Rosemary Cooke
School for Peace: Understanding Global Militansm 1984-07-01
Ross Smyth
Canadians meet at World Citizens' Assembly in Los Aneeles 1984-09-01
Roy McFarlane
17 Directors chosen for Board of new Institute 1984-09-01
Canada's Greens hold founding convention 1983-12-01
Disarmament report still unavailable 1984-12-01
Election Priorities Project demonstrated new approach to electoral politics 1984-11-01
Gimme one good reason. 1984-12-01
Greenland goes nuclear weapon-free 1984-12-01
Groups give advice on Institute to committee 1984-07-01
Independence of new Peace Centre debated 1984-05-01
Interview with Doug Roche: Leaving politics for peace work 1984-02-01
INTERVIEW: Looking back with Paul McRae 1984-08-01
Peace Camp nears first anniversary 1984-02-01
Sagan discusses nuclear winter with Trudeau, MPs 1984-07-01
Supreme Court hears cruise case 1984-03-01
William Barton chosen as chairman of new Institute 1984-11-01
Roy McFarlane (reviewer)
Review: The Abolition 1984-10-01
REVIEW: The Russian Threat 1984-06-01
Review: United Nations Divided World 1984-10-01
Ruth Acker (reviewer)
Review: My Russia 1984-10-01
Shirley Farlinger
Caldicott: "Save our Planet" 1983-11-01
My Country is the Whole World 1984-02-01
War Toys 1984-12-01
Somer Brodribb
Women hold peace conference 1984-11-01
Stephen Hine
Caldicott condemns Soviets and US for present impasse 1984-12-01
Greenham's 'symbolic presence' 1984-11-01
Susan Berlin
Peace Tax Fund: A war of conscience 1984-03-01
Tana Dineen
Health professionals raise issue of nuclear war 1984-11-01
Terri Hilborn
NWFZ campaign growing 1983-08-01
NWFZ resolution needs support 1983-09-01
Tom Joyce
Peace groups gather in N.Y. 1984-12-01
Walter Dorn
NGOs contribute to peace efforts 1984-07-01
Z. V. Stoyanovich
Ottawa coalition holds day-long peace festival 1984-09-01