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General Announcements

Anonymous — April 1983

SPEAK-OUTS … in the ol’ soapbox tradition. Come and make your voice heard, too! Saturdays at the St Lawrence Market and every second Monday starting April 4 at the Eaton Centre (Dundas entrance) Contact Tish Murphy (ACT) for details at xxx-xxxx.

Litton Demonstrators

Trials of protesters arrested on Remembrance Day have been postponed until the end of April. Court will resume in Room 208, East Mall, Etobicoke. Sessions begin at 10.00 AM and end at approximately 4:00 PM. Observers welcome. Contact Paul Murphy for details at xxx-xxxx. For public transportation to court, take Bloor subway west to Kipling station and bus to, 80 The East Mall.


“The main thing keeping Canadians complacent about the threat of nuclear annihilation is ignorance,” says W.M., a Toronto university student. “They are selective about the facts they will listen to. Opinions are useless unless they are in-formed. But I want my peace activist friends to keep informed too. We all need to keep up on this issue by reading and attending lectures. If we do — if everyone did — there would be far less disagreement.

“Facts are facts. Opinions not based on facts are a hindrance to the world.”

You are now entering a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

Did you know that Toronto is officially a NWFZ? As far as we know, it’s the only municipality in Canada that has pasted a resolution. But other Canadians in cities and towns are lobbying their councils to do the tame and have written CANDIS requesting copies of the Toronto resolution. Wales and Palau are two nations that have become nuclear weapons-free, and all together there are thousands of municipalities around the world that have declared themselves NWFZs.

Operation Dismantle would like to see a global referendum, and say they are very optimistic about the possibility. If you want more information, call CANDIS at xxx-xxxx for Operation Dismantle contacts in Ottawa, Toronto, and other major cities across Canada.


The Central Mennonite Committee has prepared a book listing the peace groups in Canada, as completely as they could make it. You can obtain a copy by sending them $6.00. Their address is 1483 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Man.


The disarmament movement needs to avoid a danger that has caused us trouble before. We are demanding disarmament, not merely arms control or arms reduction. Among our short-term objectives are such goals as preventing cruise missile testing. But we should not let that become our main goal.

Media analyst Barry Zwicker reminds us that in the last great phase of this movement, the objective was against atomic testing in the atmosphere. Once that was attained, the campaign lost energy and eventually fizzled out. This time we need to remember our purposes beyond the opposition to the cruise. If we win that one, we must not rest on our laurels, feeling satisfied.

One good larger proposal is to make Canada a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. The trouble is, that goal is a clumsy mouthful to utter. We need a different phrase, as catchy as “Ban the Bomb!” or “Refuse the cruise!” to sum it up. Please write us with your ideas.