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The Peace Calendar Vol.1 No.0

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Anonymous — January 1983

in Peace Chapel, Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto M5G 1B1
For further information call us at xxx-2255 (xxx-CALL)

Sat. Jan 15, 8 pm OISE auditorium Lecture: “The End of Development” by Prof. Johan Galtung
Sun. Jan 16, 10 am Holy Blossom Temple, 1950 Bathurst St Lecture: “Alternatives to Nuclear Madness” by Johan Galtung
1 pm Holy Blossom Panel: “Peace Perspectives,” Len Desroches, Madan Handa, Hanna Newcombe, Ernie Regehr, Frank Sommers, Marilyn Aarons.
8 pm Holy Blossom Panel: “Military and Nonmilitary uses of Nuclear Technology” with Terrence Lonergan, JAL Robertson, Dorothy Rosenberg, Norm Rubin, Val Sears
Tues, Jan 18, 8 pm Holy Blossom Panel, “Facts and Fantasies of Nuclear Disarmament,” with Rod Byers, Michael Cooke, Ursula Franklin, James Rosnett, Russ Legge
7:30 pm Kew School, Queen E. of Woodbine St. Annual General Meeting, East End Peace Action
8 pm Lansing United Church Organizing Meeting, North York Peace centre
Wed. Jan 19, 1:30 pm Holy Blossom Film: “Nuclear Countdown” and talk by Rabbi Anshe Shalom
5:30 pm Rm. 111, McLennan Physics Labs, 60 St. George St. Science for Peace talk: “Strategic Implications of the Cruise Missile,” by Dr. George Ball and/or Brian MacDonald
Thurs. Jan 20, 7:30 pm Bathurst Street United Church Monthly Meeting and Potluck supper, Cruise Missile Conversion Project
9 pm Holy Blossom Film, “If You Love This Planet,” & discuss.
Fri. Jan 21, 8:25 pm Holy Blossom Sabbath services, speech on the nuclear war.
Sun Jan 23, 11 am Unitarian Church 125 St. Clair W. Service, Lecture by Patrick Watson, “The Lighter Side of Nuclear War.”
Mon. Jan 24, 10 am Toronto City Hall City Council Meeting on Proposal to make Toronto a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
Wed. Jan. 26, 5:30 pm Rm. 111, McLennan Physics Labs, 60 St. George St. Science for Peace Discussion of Report on Cruise Missile
Th. Jan 27, 7 pm Beaches Library, Queen & Lee St Workshop: “Doomsday and After: A Look at Civil Defense,” East End Peace Action
Wed.Feb. 2, 5:30 pm Rm 111 McLennan, 60 St. George St. Science for Peace discussion: “Biological Warfare” with Prof. Arthur Forer
Wed. Feb 2, and Thurs. Feb 3 McMaster Univ. “Pictures of Peace”— visual arts and performances. Phone MacQuarrie xxx-xxxx
Thurs. Feb 3, 8 pm; Fri Feb 4, 7 pm; Sat. Feb 5, 7 pm Music Hall Theatre 147 Danforth Ave. Toronto Film: “In the King of Prussia,” Starring Martin Sheen. $6 Feb. 3, $5 Feb. 4 or 5 Sponsor: Development Education Centre Phone Andrew or Fern
Sun. Feb 6, 6-10 pm Church of the Holy Trinity (behind Eaton Centre) Pot luck supper for all who are interested in peace and disarmament. Sponsored by CANDIS, which is located in the chapel. Come and bring food and your friends!

CANDIS is a new organization devoted to publicizing disarmament events and providing accurate information about the peace movement. We welcome any news that your group may care to pass along. And we will be happy to answer all questions with the most accurate information available to us. As funds become available, we hope to expand our calendar of events into a printed paper. Your donation will be gratefully received for this work, and as a church project, CANDIS has charitable status for tax purposes.