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Anonymous — March 1983

CANDIS is an acronym for “Canadian Disarmament Information Service” a new organization devoted to spreading the word about peacemaking efforts throughout Canada, but particularly the Toronto area.

We are located in the Peace Chapel upstairs at the church of the Holy Trinity, which is located between the Eaton Centre and the new city hall, It is our intention to maintain accurate files and to answer all queries concerning the activities of groups devoted to disarmament efforts,

In addition, we keep a clipping service, subscribe to several newsletters and journals on the anti-nuclear weapons issue, collect brochures and papers, and in various ways try to provide information services. We have a few films and video-tapes, will sell a few books, and will keep a browsing library.

All of these programs are just getting started, We have need of volunteers and our greatest need is for funds.

Up to now we have no regular budget or source of funds, In the near future we expect our calendar to be known well enough to make it reasonable to offer subscriptions, and the rate will be $8.00 for a year. We hope that you already find our calendar and newsletter valuable. With sufficient funds we expect to be able to expand the coverage and size.

We hope that your group will find the calendar and newsletter valuable and that you will want to continue receiving it regularly. Furthermore, we want news of your group’s activities.

Phone us by the 21st of each month to tell us about your plans for the next month. If the plans are directly related to the arms race and the peace movement, we will publicize it on our calendar of events.

The CANDIS office is normally open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. on weekdays and irregularly at other times.

CANDIS has a phone number that can be remembered easily — xxx-CALL, which is xxx-xxxx.

The work of CANDIS is carried out mainly by volunteers, who are coordinated by Beth Richards. Metta Spencer shares responsibility for the ongoing work, which enjoy the patronage of several eminent Canadians. Mayor Art Eggleton. Rev. Clarke MacDonald, Prof. Eric Fawcett, author Margaret Laurence, and Dan Row are among the patrons which are being added to at the present time.

CANDIS is compiling a computerized mailing list that will enable peace groups across Canada to contact one another and interested citizens. If you as an individual, or your group collectively, want to be included on this list, please send us your name, address and phone number, plus $2.00 to cover the cost of processing your name and making it available. This charge does not cover a subscription to The Peace Calendar.

Note From the Editors …

Articles reflect the opinions of individual authors and do not constitute editorial policy. Candis is an information clearing-house for the peace movement. We are in favour of international nuclear disarmament and within that broad context, do not take any official position.