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National Letter Writing Campaign

Anonymous — November 1984

On October 20, 1984, one of the largest petition drives ever conducted in Canada, the Peace Petition Caravan Campaign, came to an end with rallies held across Canada, and the presentation of the petitions to their local M.P.s.

The rallies, in combination with the presentation of the petitions, provided an unprecedented opportunity for affecting our representatives in government In order to increase the impact of the culmination of P2C2, this month’s letter writing suggestion is to direct letters to your Member of Parliament, encouraging him/her to support the objectives of the petition and asking that he/she work for a free vote in Parliament on the objectives of the petition, If public meetings have been planned for November in your city ask the people attending the meetings to take 15 minutes when they arrive home to write a letter (or provide time for letter writing during or after the meeting), You can increase the probability that they will write by providing them with the address of their M,P. (given below) and by informing them that no postage is required.

In addition to writing letters, you might approach your city council asking that they pass a resolution in support of P2C2 and that this resolution be sent to both your Member of. Parliament and to Mulroney, Turner and Broadbent. Presentations to city council can be arranged by contacting the city clerk and asking that time be allotted at the next council meeting for the resolution. To get the most mileage out of going to city council, contact the local press prior to the council meeting and ask that they come out and cover the council meeting.

The phone number for the city clerk can be found under government listing in the phone book. Letters to your M.P. require no postage and should be addressed to House of Commons, Ottawa, Ont. K1A OA6. This month’s letter writing suggestion comes from a Vancouver-based peace group,

If your group is interested in becoming part of the NLWC, . please write and let me know that your group endorses the concept and is willing to encourage peace activists in your area to write letters. Also, please send suggestions of individuals you would like to see targeted for letters.

NLWC c/o Doug Mohr
P.O. Box 43
70 King 51. N.
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 3Z6