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Peace Events

Anonymous — April 1983

Toronto area

Friday 1

Ecumenical Lenten vigil for peace — all peace groups. Good Friday service; 12:30 at City Hall.
Contact: Ted Schmidt at xxx-xxxx

Saturday 2

Parkdale for Peace: Demonstration at M.P.‘s office. 2:00PM Corner of Windermere and Bloor West —2 blocks west of Runnymede subway.
Contact: John Friesen at xxx-xxxx

Sunday 3

Christian Movement for Peace: Counterbomb Renga: a CBC radio broadcast on 94.1 FM at 9:05. Contact: Linda Smith at xxx-xxxx

Monday 4

Lenten vigil for peace Continues. Celebration of Resurrection and Hope. 7:30 PM. Bloor Street United Church.
Contact: Ted Schmidt at xxx-xxxx.

ACT (Against Cruise Testing): General Meeting, 7:30 PM. Bathurst St. United Church, 730 Bathurst St.
Contact office: xxx-xxxx

Toronto Disarmament Network: General meeting. 7:50 PM. Bloor St. United Church.
Contact: Coleen Hefoer at xxx-xxxx.

Wednesday 6

Peace Tax Fund: General Meeting. 7:30 PM. 209 Arlington Ave. Contact: R. Shapeott, xxx-xxxx

Thursday 7

Planetary Initiative Night. For details see Thursday April 14.

Union Disarmament Committee: 5:30 PM, OPSEU Headquarters, 1901 Yonge St.
Contact: Boris Evans, xxx-xxxx.

Friday 8

New Democratic Party: NDP anti-war conference, tonight and all day tomorrow. Keynote speakers, wine and cheese. 7:30 PM. Cody Hall, 50 St.George St., Rm. 107.
Contact: G. Doctorow, xxx-xxxx; Kimberly Wilde, 46~I307; Laura Pascoe, xxx-xxxx. If you need day care, phone before April 4.

Peace and Social Action C’tee: Quaker Peace testimony 1660 until today. Speakers: Ken Hancock and Carl Stieren. 7 PM, Friends House, 60 Lowther Rd.
Contact: C. Stieren, xxx-xxxx.

Saturday 9

New Democratic Party: NDP Anti-war Conference Cont’d: panel discussions, 10 AM to 5 PM, Faculty of Education, 371 Bloor W.
Contact: Gord Dcctorow, xxx-xxxx.

Tuesday 12

Voice of Women: Monthly Mtg. 7:30 PM. 175 Canton St.
Contact : xxx-xxxx.

Operation Dismantle: General Meeting. 7:30 PM. Metropolitan Library, 789 Yonge
Contact: Ted Johnson, xxx-xxxx.

Wednesday 13

Parkdale for Peace: General Mtg 7;30 PM. Firehall— Cowan, south of Queen,
Contact: Rob Fairley, xxx-xxxx

Mixed Company: Life on the Line… A New Wave Musical Satire about Life and Job Search: Nuclear Madness and Political Predicament. Starring Steven Bush. Young People’s Theatre, 165 Front St. East. Running April 13 — May 8th. $6-8 (group rates available).
Contact: Box office, xxx-xxxx.

Science for Peace. Public Forum: “Canadian and World Referenda” with Jim Stark of Operation Dismantle and Don Munton, Research Director of Can. Institute of International Affairs. 8:00 PM, Rm. 1105 Sandford Fleming Bldg. 10 King’s College Rd. (off College).
Contact: B. Gombay: xxx-xxxx.

Thursday 14

Planetary Initiative: Planetary Initiative Night. Movie: The Hundredth Monkey, talk and workshop to follow. 8:00-10:30 PM. OISE, 252 Bloor St. West, suggested donation $3.00.
Contact Steve Beltz, xxx-xxxx.

Friday 15

Peace Tax Movement: Edith Adamson will speak on the history and current status of tax fund. 7:30 PM. Workshop on redirection of taxes at 9 PM. Friends’ House, 60 Lowther Ave.
Contact: R. Shapcott, xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx.

Monday 18

Unitarian Church: Film: In the King of Prussia. 7:30 PM, Unitarian Church, 84 South Service Rd. Mississauga. Admission $3.00.
Contact: Helen Tracy, xxx-xxxx.

Itala-Canadesi Per la Pace: Proiezione de film, Per tutu quelli che amano la pace, con de attito publico. 8:00 PM. St. Clair/Dufferin Library at 1625 Dufferin St.

ACT: General Meeting. 7:30 pm at Bathurst St. United Church, 730 Bathurst St.
Contact office: xxx-xxxx.

Tuesday 19

East End Peace Action: General Meeting. A talk: International Peace Movement. 7:30 PM. Kew Beach School, 101 Kippendavie Rd.
Contact: Jeremy Agar, xxx-xxxx

Wednesday 20

Science for Peace: Film: No First Use, followed by discussion of the proposed policy of increasing conventional forces in Europe while disarming nuclear forces. 5:30 PM. McLennan Physical Labs. .60 St. George St. at U of T.
Contact: B. Gombay. xxx-xxxx.

Thursday 21

Planetary Initiative: Planetary Initiative Night. Movie: The Hundredth Monkey, talk and workshop to follow. 8:00-10:30 PM, OISE. 252 Bloor St. West, suggested donation: $3.00.
Contact: Steve Beltz, xxx-xxxx

Saturday 23

Join Canadians across Canada in demonstrating against cruise missile testing. Stop implementation of the umbrella agreement. Rally at 1:00 PM at Queen’s Park, walk down Yonge St. to City Hall.
Contact: ACT office, xxx-xxxx.

Wednesday 27

Science for Peace: Public Forum: “Survivalism and Peace Education” by Joe Vise, Parents for Peace, and Roger Calverly, teacher of a Survival course. 5:30 PM, Room 102 McLennan Physics Labs, 60 St. George St.
Contact: Brydon Gombay xxx-xxxx

Thursday 25

Planetary Initiative: Planetary Initiative Night. Movie: The Hundredth Monkey, talk and workshop to follow. 8:00-10:30 PM, OISE, 252 Bloor St. West, suggested donation $3.00.
Contact: Steve Belts, xxx-xxxx. 235 Manse Road, no.76 West Hill, MIE 4X7. call xxx-xxxx.

Friday 29

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Relived: New film: The Lost Generation, produced by the Japanese citizens for UNSSOD II. lecture by Prof. C. Powles (U of T), “The threat of remilitarization in Japan.” 7:30 PM, Holy Trinity Church.
Contact: Setsuko Thurlow, xxx-xxxx


Canadian Youth for Peace. April general meeting.
Contact: Mike Connelly, xxx-xxxx.

Probably last week of April or early May:
Women from England’s Greenham Common Peace Camp will tour Canada.
Contact: your local Voice of Women.

Events in Early May

Tuesday 3

Toronto Disarmament Network: General Meeting. Bloor St. United Church. 730 Bloor St. W., 7:30 PM
Contact: Colleen Heffner, xxx-xxxx

Thursday 5

Planetary Initiative: Planetary Initiative Night. Movie: The Hundredth Monkey. Talk and Seminar to follow. 8:00 to 10:30 PM, OISE at 252 Bloor St. West, suggested donation $3.00.
Contact: Steve Belte, xxx-xxxx

Wednesday 11

Parkdale for Peace: General Meeting, at Firehall, Cowan south of Queen. 7:30PM
Contact: Rob Fairley, xxx-xxxx

Across Canada


Sun. April 24.
Greater Victoria Disarmament Group. Walk for Peace. Noon to 2 p.m. Meet at Centennial Square, walk to Beacon Hill Park for rally.


Sat. April 23.
Walk For Peace. Gather at Kitsilano Park at noon. Cross Burrard St. Bridge, walk to Sunset Beach. The walk is endorsed by over 200 organisations and the city of Vancouver.


March 22 — April 3.
Peace Walk, 293 km. Ending in Edmonton on Easter Sunday for a rally.
contact:(403) xxx-xxxx.


Sun. April 24.
March for Peace. Start in Victoria Park. Noon to 2p.m.
contact: Donna Hatsson, xxx-xxxx.


April 15, 16 Extension Division, University of Saskatchewan. “World Economy at the Crossroads”: Economic interdependence including effects of the Arms Race. TraveLodge Motor Hotel. contact: University Conference Office.

April 19
Lecture: Admiral Eugene Carroll, from the Center for Defense Information, Washington. 8 PM Saskatoon Public Library.

April 23
Peace March: “Saskatoon Against the Cruise. Springfest, Protest!” Starts 1 p.m., University Campus, goes to City Hall. 2-6 p.m. Speakers, music, information booths.


April 25
March For Peace. For details, call City Hall.


Lecture: History of the Peace Tax Fund. Speaker is Edith Adamson. 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Westminster United Church.

April 23

Anti-Cruise Coffee House.
Contact: Winnipeg Coordinating Committee for Disarmament. 320 Lipton Street, Winnipeg.


Waterloo Peace Network Public Lecture: Dr. Henry Wiseman. “You Can’t Trust the Russians? The Meaning of Deterrence in the Nuclear Age”. Unitarian Church, 136 Allen St. E. Waterloo, 8 p.m.
contact: Ross Beauchamps, xxx-xxxx.


April 2
Refuse the Cruise March. Starts at Dieppe Park, proceeds to City Hall Square, where there will be speakers at the cenotaph. 2-4 PM. contact: John McArthur, xxx-xxxx.


April 9
Project Ploughshares Dance. St. Peter’s School, 533 Clarence St. 7 PM.
contact: Michael CoIdwell, xxx-xxxx.


April 10
Hamilton Disarmament Coalition. Film: In the King of Prussia. Kirkendall-Strathcona Community Centre, 210 Napier St. 7 p.m. $3.00
contact: Hannah Schayer. xxx-xxxx


April 17
CUSO Public awareness programme on health, disarmament, and development. Public Archives Bldg. 4.30 p.m. contact: Peter Lewis 613-xxx-xxxx, Cat. 264.

April 16. Physicians for Social Responsibility. Symposium on Medical Consequences of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War. National Archives Auditorium. $30 for doctors; $15 for public. For further information write: P.S.R. Box 4641, Station E, Ottawa, K1S 5M8
Phone Dr. L. Stolbach, 613-xxx-xxxx; Dr. G. Schneider 613-xxx-xxxx.


April 10-13
Symposium on Mass Media and Disarmament Campaign.
contact: 514 xxx-xxxx ext. 370.

April 30 through May 3
World Conference on Religions for Peace. Peace Sabbath: April 30: “Education for Peace,” with multi-religious service to be held at St. James United Church.
From May 1 through May 3. Conference at Manoir d’Youville at Chateau Guay contact: Father MacBeathe Brown 514 xxx-xxxx Rosemary Sullivan 514 xxx-xxxx.


April 3
Coalition Against Nuclear War Easter Service. Atlantic School of Theology, 4p.m.

April 21:

Lecture by Ken Hancock. contact: Valerie Osborne, xxx-xxxx.

May Events

May 1, in Ottawa. “Jobs, Not Bombs: A Human Chain of Events.” Meets at 1:00 pm. at Confederation Park (corner Elgin and Laurier). At 1:30 disperse to form a human chain from the Department of National Defence to the Unemployment Insurance Office, thus “making the connection.” Then picnic in the park with entertainment and speakers. Contact Jansie Scott at 613-xxx-xxxx.

May 16, Mothers’ Day: Julia Ward Howe, who first created Mothers Day, designated it as a day for peace. This noble ideal was lost as the day became commercialized. This year we’re turning back to the original purpose. Mothers and grandmothers will send photographs of their children to Mrs. Reagan and Mrs. Andropov that day, asking them to appeal to their husbands to save these children from nuclear war. Promote the idea among your friends.

Look Forward to:

The Salt Spring Island (B.C.) Nuclear Disarmament Group is planning a caravan for peace this summer. Groups will start from both the east and west coasts of Canada, picking up new participants along the way and holding rallies to promote peace. They will meet in Ottawa. If you’re interested, contact Don Erickson at 604-xxx-xxxx.

Save August 28, 1983 for a trip to Washington, D.C. A major demonstration is being planned and will be described further in later issues.

The city of Vancouver will send out a leaflet to all households, describing the consequences of a nuclear attack.

“Institutions for Peace vs. Instruments of War,” Panelists: George Ignatieff, Douglas Roche, Norman Alcock, William Epstein and Arnold Simoni. Moderator: Metta Spencer.

Find out why disarmament is inseparable from U.N. reform and the creation of a reliable international security system. This symposium will change the way you think about disarmament. Sponsored by the United Nations Association, World Federalists of Canada and Toronto 2000. May 14, 1.00 p.m., O.I.S.E. Auditorium. Registration $10. Pay-what-you-can scholarships available. Call Majorie Telling, xxx-xxxx or Dieter Heinrich, xxx-xxxx.