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Special plea from the U.S. Freeze Campaign

Anonymous — March 1984

The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign needs the help of Canadians, and I want to make a special plea for that help. We are embarking on a new strategy that can leap over presidential recalcitrance. This strategy bypasses the President and uses our two-to-one support in Congress, because Congress can halt funding for weapons systems whether or not the President agrees.

We are asking Congress to halt funding for those nuclear weapons developments that are now readily verifiable, without tarrying for slow negotiations. This will include the destabilising new space-war weapons, underground nuclear weapons testing, flight testing, and deployment of ballistic missiles. It will stop the M-X, Trident II, and further Pershing II deployments. It will also build great pressure for a comprehensive freeze, including production as well as testing and deployment. The funding freeze will continue as long as the Soviet Union halts its equivalent testing and deployment, which is easily verifiable.

We will also be working against the M-X missile directly, and are close to victory in that battle. Votes on the funding freeze and the M-X may come as early as May.

We are also working hard to elect a pro-freeze President and Congress in November. We believe that there is a strong chance of success, and Canadian help could make the difference.

Canadians have millions of contacts with friends, relatives. and businesses in the U.S. Please write and call those you know to urge support for the Congressional funding freeze, for stopping the M-X, and for electing a pro-Freeze President. Please continue to urge your government to support the freeze in the U.N., and to prod the U.S. government to stop stonewalling the freeze. Please make the Peace Petition Caravan Campaign a huge success, and thereby also prod the U.S.

Glen Stassen
Member, Strategy Committee
U.S. Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign