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Ontario Federation of Labour begins active role in peace and disarmament

Eudora Pendergrast — December 1984

TORONTO — In a precedentsetting resolution adopted during its annual convention, the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) has formally committed itself to an active role in the search for nuclear disarmament and peace.

The resolution, which received virtually unanimous support, reads as follows:

Whereas the nuclear arms race is increasing the threat to the security of life on this planet; and

Whereas it is sapping great amounts of human and financial resources that can be used to overcome poverty and build socially useful jobs and products.

Therefore be it resolved that the Onrario Federation of Labour form a Peace and Disarmament Committee to work actively with affiliates to ensure rhat the views of labour are clearly advanced within the province and to encourage the education and involvement: of trade union members in this issue.

Be it further resolved that the Ontario Federation of Labour encourages its affiliates and district labour councils to form peace and disarmament committees which will be responsible for education and activities geared towards putting the necessary pressure on our governments to help move our world from the brink of war towards improved prospects of peace based on jobs and justice.

The resolution was sponsored by the Labour Council of Metropolitan Toronto (LCMT) during the convention held in Toronto, November 19-22. In a first in OFL convention history, the presentation of the resolution was preceded by a showing of the film War Without Winners.

The OFL is already on record as supporting nuclear disarmament. What makes tbe November 20 resolution significant is the clear call for organizational structures and action in support of this objective.

Anne Swarbrick, chairperson of the Peace and Disarmament Committee of the LCMT, links the Council’s sponsorship of the resolution to its active involvement in the recent Peace Petition Caravan Campaign. She also notes that adoption of the resolution could set a precedent for similar actions by other provincial labour federations, and possibly the Canadian Labour Congress at its convention in the spring of 1986.