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Toronto to get peace centre

Joe Mihevc — June 1984

At present, the peace movement in Toronto has no centre to call its own. The small number of offices that do exist are almost always to result of the sustaining support of a church, political or community group. While this kind of support and the networking it encourages are vital, the existence of a centre of its. own with direct connections to the community will foster another important link for Toronto’s peace movement.

It is with this objective in mind that the Toronto Disarmament Network (TDN) has initiated the Toronto Peace Education Centre (TPEC). Recent literature from Vancouver indicates that the peace movement there is organizing. a similar centre.

The IDN feels that the peace movement is ready to make such a move. Those who years ago formed groups and networks are now ready to take a further step: the organizing and forming of a centre which will demonstrate that the peace movement will be around for a very long time.

TPEC’s immediate goal is to purchase a storefront building along a major Toronto street. The purchase will be made as soon as sufficient down payment can be raised. Given real estate prices in Toronto, this down payment should be at least $100,000.

Ideally, the building will have three floors. The first floor will be operated by TPEC, the TDN and its member groups, and will be open to the public as an information centre. Peace materials, such as books, buttons and artwork from the TDN and other groups and individuals will be offered for sale, and profits will help support the cost of running the Centre.

The second and third floors will contain offices for the wide variety of groups who make up the TDN. Many resources, such as photocopying machines, phones and meeting rooms, can be shared. One office will be reserved for the regular campaigns that occur throughout the year.

TPEC’s commitment to one location over an extended period of time will allow it to be a truly community-based organization. With an accessible storefront location, and operating as a broadly-based professional resource centre, TPEC will promote a direct connection between the public and the peace movement which will be beneficial to both.

TPEC is currently organizing a fundraising campaign. It is specifically looking for individuals and groups who will raise $500 for the cause. The names of each individual and group who makes a $500 contribution will be included on a plaque to be installed in the centre once it opens. TPEC is also approaching foundations and other funding groups.

For more information about TPEC, contact the Toronto Disarmament Network, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto On., MSS 2R4. Telephone: 416/xxx-xxxx.