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National Letter Writing Campaign

Anonymous — July 1984

Recently I attended a symposium on pornography arid violence. Of the various people presenting I was most impressed with Maude Barlow, an advisor to the former Prime Minster on women’s issues. The presentation by Barlow not only discussed the profound impact that pornography has upon women but also linked the prevalence of violence in pornography to the broader issue of violence as a way of resolving conflict. Rarely do peace activists make connections between the violence that pervades our own communities and the violence we see at the international level. That an advisor to the former Prime Minister was making these connections was for me one of the most encouraging signs that I have seen in months. So that’s the good news. The bad news is that a week after hearing Maude Barlow speak I learned from Dorothy Rosenberg (Voice of Women) that Maude Barlow and Bonnie Diamond were destined to lose their positions as advisors to the Prime Minister on women’s issues with the election of a new liberal leader. To lose two women that have argued vehemently on issues of disarmament, pornography, and social justice, and who have the ear of the Prime Minister would be a great loss to all Canadians concerned with these issues. So as you’ve probably guessed by now this month’s letter writing suggestion is to write to John Turner asking him to retain Maude Barlow and Bonnie Diamond. No postage is required in writing to the Prime Minister, and letters should be addressed to Prime Minister Elect Turner, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA6.

Finally, the NLWC would like to welcome five new groups: Citizens for Peace – Orangeville, a group from Hartington that hasn’t as of yet decided upon a formal name for itself, Rimbey organization for Universal Nuclear DisarmBJTIent, University of Toronto Newman Centre Development and Peace Group, and West Islanders for Nuclear Disarmament. If your group is interested in becoming part of the NLWC, please write to me and let me know that your group endorses the concept and is willing to encourage peace activists in your commun. ity to write letters. Also, please send suggestions of individuals you would like to see targeted for letters.

In peace,
Doug Mohr
301-103 Church St. Kitchener, Ont. N2G 2S3

P.S. Remember: Thinking about it doesn’t change anything. Please put something in the mail.