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Nuclear-Free Ontario: June rally at Darlington

Hamish Wilson — June 1984

TORONTO – A number of peace, public interest and energy groups have recently formed a coalition whose objective is to make Ontario a Nuclear-Free Zone.

The Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Ontario (CNFO) has. as its major focus a rally at the site of the Darlington nuclear power station, now under construction in Oshawa, east of Toronto. The $11 billion station is thought to be the “key to halting the nuclear industry,” and the cancellation of Darlington is therefore the major demand of the Campaign.

Making Ontario nuclear-free goes well beyond the halting of Darlington, and the CNFO campaign has developed a comprehensive set of demands which would ensure that Ontario become nuclear-free.

CNFO calls for a halt to the manufacture ‘of the cruise missile guidance system by Litton, the development of energy policies which would encourage conservation and efficiency, the democratization of Ontario Hydro, the improvement of safety standards for those currently involved in the nuclear industry, and the retraining of those workers on the Darlington construction site.

Of most interest to the peace movement are the demands to halt the exportation of CANDU reactors and Canadian/Ontario uranium to other nations, as there are proven links between nuclear power and the spread of nuclear bomb-making capability.

The CNFO rally takes place on June 9th at Darlington. Bus transportation from Toronto to the site is available through the purchase of $5 bus tickets from the CNFO office at 730 Bathurst St. prior to June 6.

A further facet of the campaign is a Civil Disobedience action to take place on Monday following. All participants must be involved in a preparation session which can be arranged by calling the CNFO office at 416-xxx-xxxx.