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NWFZ resolution needs support

Terri Hilborn — September 1983

More than 4,000 people from 60 Ontario communities have signed letters of support for a resolution which declares Ontario a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. Several labour unions representing thousands more Ontarians have also endorsed the resolution. But several thousand more signatures are needed to convince Ontario’s MPPs to vote for a Nuclear Weapon Free Ontario.

Thin campaign began when MPP Richard Johnston introduced Resolution No. 1 into the Ontario legislature. Resolution 1 would prohibit the deployment, testing, construction or transportation of nuclear weapons to Ontario.

Local peace groups, labour unions and church leaders have been collecting signatures of support throughout the summer, Organisers in towns and cities across the province have found that the most successful way to gather support hat been to collect signatures at peace rallies, parades and local fairs, More than 700 signatures were gathered at Hiroshima Day events alone.

Other groups are canvassing their neighbours and netting up shopping mall booths. A number of union locals are planning on-the-job canvassing. A major effort in now being planned to collect signatures at Labour Day events across the province. Strong support for NWFZ campaigns in important because ills one of the few peace issues that is debated and voted on in a public forum by our politicians, Resolution 1 will be debated at Queen’s Park in late October or early November. The success of the vote will depend on the public support shown for the resolution.

If you can help gather signatures of support for Resolution 1, signature sheets and Nuclear Weapon Free Zone posters are available at Johnston’s office: 416-xxx-xxxx.