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Anonymous — October 1983

We were very impressed by your publication. Bravo! It looks typographically handsome, crisply written. and of course is about the most important issue of our time. Having recently gotten involved in some of the cruise and Pershing II protests around here. I see how important it is that the U.S. feel the heat From other countries, like Canada. Keep up the good work.

Adam Hochschild, Editor
Mother Jones Magazine
San Francisco, CA

Metta Spencer made some very good points in her article on the Helsinki process (TPC, August 198J). The peace movement does need to support the Stockholm disarmament talks that will begin in January. She is, however. mistaken in claiming that the U.S. may be the only country to oppose discussing nuclear weapon-free zones during the sessions devoted to confidence-building measures: Britain is certain to oppose that discussion as well.

Nevertheless, there is a real opportunity for Canadian peace groups to have an impact on this manner. We should be setting up subcommittees to lobby the government, asking them to support the inclusion of NWFZ discussions as early as possible. This is a high-priority matter.

Pauline Gorman

Victoria, B.C.

Thank you for the article on civil disobedience (TPC, August 1981). I had always thought of CD as a device used by some peace activists to attract media attention on the issue of disarmament.

As a result, I found Ms. Vrantsidis’ report very interesting. I don’t think I’m ready to participate in any CD actions yet, but I’m glad there are people willing to do so.

Nathan Peters Toronto. On.

Desmond Morton made an important point in the Toronto Star that peace groups ought to heed. The fact that testing cruise missiles makes a nuclear war more likely is as apparent to conservatives and liberals as to leftists. Most Canadians would naturally agree with the peace movement on this issue if it were put to them in the right way. Yet, anti-cruise groups have alienated many of them by attacking conventional values and presenting themselves as a radical fringe element. You ought to work to recruit support from all three major parties, instead of writing the liberals and conservatives off as hopeless.

Elaine Blackman
Etobicoke, On.

11 was with pleasure that I read your article ‘Vancouver’s EAR steps up campaign’ in the September issue. Until now. your paper has had such a heavy Toronto bias. Keep expanding your national coverage — it is important for Canadians to pull together and it is impossible unless we have good communications.

Jill Robertson

Your newspaper, The Peace Calendar, is just another name for “communist propaganda.” Why don’t you send all your junk to the U.S.S.R.? Everybody knows they pay your salaries, anyway…

Goran Volsch

It most emphatically is not; We do, every month; What salaries? (Ed.)

Keep up the excellent work. The only thing that The Peace Calendar lacks at present are analytical articles.

Al Rycroft

Letters to the Editors should be sent to CANDIS. 10 Trinity Sq.. Toronto Ontario, Rm 181.