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Anonymous — March 1983

LITTON TRIALS UP-DATE…The trials of demonstrators arrested at Litton industries on Nov. 11, 1982, are continuing throughout March In Room 208, The East Mall, Etobicoke. Court sessions begin at 10 a.m. and end each day at approximately 4 p.m. You are welcome to attend. Call Paul Murphy xxx-xxxx for further information.

To protest the Cruise Missile testing agreement, you can call the following phone numbers for 65 cents per minute:
Prime Minister Trudeau: 613-xxx-xxxx
Alan MacEachen, Minister of external affairs 613-xxx-xxxx. Or write a letter (it is cheaper) and send copies to CANDIS and to your M.P.

Demonstration: ACT (Against Cruise Testing Coalition) is holding a demonstration on the first Saturday following the announcement of the signing of the umbrella agreement.
Time: 1:00 pm. Place: Liberal Party Headquarters, 34 King Street East, Toronto, Call xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx for information –

VIGIL FOR PEACE: Following the announcement there will be a nightly vigil at the headquarters of the Liberal Party until the Saturday demonstration. Vigils will last all night and your participation will be valued.

New organization! Parents for Peace requires educational material on disarmament suitable for parents, teachers, or students so send your assistance to: Parents for Peace, School and Community Relations Department, Toronto Board of Education, 155 College St. — Toronto.
Or call Katie Kaufman at xxx-xxxx.

ITALIAN-CANADIAN PEACE COMMITTEE. A general meeting with speakers will be held in February at Dufferin and St. Clair Library, 1625 Dufferin Street. For details phone Giovanni Polidori at xxx-xxxx or Constanza Allevato,xxx-xxxx

Network, a peace newsletter published in Ottawa. is available by subscription — $6.00 for 12 issues. Make cheques to Gary Moffatt 105 Rideau St., Ottawa KIN 5X1.

A conference on development and disarmament is planned for March 8-10 in Ottawa, auspices of Canadian Council for International Cooperation, 321 Chapel St., Ottawa KIN 7Z2.
Phone 613-xxx-xxxx.