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ACT plans nationwide protests

Nancy Watt — March 1984

Angela Browning, chairperson of the Against Cruise Testing (ACT) coalition, has just completed a networking tour of western Canadian cities in order to generate support for two nationwide demonstrations to be held in March and April.

Browning felt her western Canadian tour was a success. Her networking efforts were appreciated by the groups and people she visited as a much-needed morale booster during a time when impending cruise tests have dampened anti-cruise spirits.

“Coming on the heels of Trudeau’s recent statements that demonstrations can and have affected government policy, it is very important that there is an immediate nationwide response to the first cruise test,” said Browning. “We must show that we haven’t given up.”

The March demonstration will be held on the Saturday following the first cruise tests. ACT will be leafletting during March to heighten public awareness and prepare for the demonstration. A final leaflet announcing the date of the demonstration will be distributed during the week following the first cruise test.

Networking for the March demonstration will continue right up until the date of the demonstration, with an increased emphasis on eastern Canada.

Except for Regina, which has fixed March 10 as the starting date for their anti-cruise week, several other Canadian cities will be holding protests the Saturday following the first cruise test.

The idea of nationwide action has generated enthusiastic support everywhere that Browning visited. The April 28th demonstration will commemorate last year’s highly successful nationwide protests on April 23rd and is intended to establish a tradition of nationwide protests on a specific date.

In fact, Calgary, whose traditional large peace demonstration is held in June, eagerly agreed to switch their date to April so as to participate in the larger impact of a national action.

The focus of the April 28th demonstration will also be anti-cruise but cities such as Regina and Vancouver will be focusing on other themes as well. Regina’s demonstrations will be against cruise testing and against uranium mining, while Vancouver will hold their traditional Walk for Peace.

In Toronto, regional groups will be bussed in to participate in the march, which ACT organisers are hoping will be even larger than last year’s turnout for the April demonstration.

The March demonstration will start at. 1:00 pm at Liberal Party headquarters, 34 King St. E. and travel past the American Consulate, ending up at City Hall. The assembly point for the April demonstration will be Queen’s Park and the march will also end up at City Hall but as yet. no. route has been finalized for either demonstration.

Nationally, complete sponsor and contact information will be available from ACT in Toronto. The following places have confirmed that they will be holding actions: Victoria, Galliano Island, Vancouver, Kamloops, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Toronto, Montréal, Moncton and Halifax. At press time many cities have not yet confirmed.

Further information on both demonstrations can be obtained from ACT, 370. Queen St. E., Toronto. M5A 1T2. 416-xxx-xxxx.