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Science for Peace

Anonymous — March 1984


Science for Peace is one of only two scientific organizations represented as NGOs at the United Nations. We understand that a third special session on disarmament is likely to be convened in 1984. We have also learned that the International Satellite Monitoring Agency (ISMA) will be considered in this coming session of the General Assembly as a project for the U.N. to organize and administer. Such a .system of verification might prevent many types of aggression, since the many nations using it for surveillance would be able to keep informed about potentially threatening military activities. France, in particular, has promoted the idea of ISMA.

In November we co-sponsored a workshop on peace education at the University level. This is to be followed up by another one from May II – 13 at Brock University. All instructors at post secondary institutions are invited to attend, whether or not they belong to Science for Peace. Contact our office .or the Peace Research Institute – Dundas (416/xxx-xxxx) for the program and list of speakers.

Our response to the Prime Minister’s peace initiative, which was submitted to his task force before the Throne Speech, comprises the following proposals:

  1. The establishment of a Crisis Alert Centre, to detect events that might lead to an. international crisis and to alert’ those who would become involved, especially the superpowers. It would use advanced means of information collection and communication.
  2. The International Satellite Monitoring Agency, as described above.
  3. The new Canadian Centre for Arms Control and Disarmament should be supported by the government, since it will educate the public, disseminate information and research arms control issues.
  4. The creation of a Peace Bank to collect and analyze proposals from non-governmental organizations and individuals. It might be located in an existing peace research institute.
  5. The restoration of the Exchange Agreements between Canada and the Soviet Union, and the negotiation of cultural and academic exchanges, that should include youths, church people, and others, since personal contact is an important basis of international understanding. .
  6. S4P encourages Canada’s government to promote the practice of twinning, as between cities. This might be used as a confidence building measure between Canada and a member of the Warsaw Pact, such as Hungary or Poland.

We keep a roster of speakers, available to speak to clubs, luncheons, schools, etc. on a variety of topics related to our concerns. Phone any chapter of Science for Peace for further details.

BUSINESS: We are now a registered charity. Our Annual Meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 28. Nominations for Board of Directors should be submitted before March I.

MEMBERSHIP: We extend an invitation to join Science for Peace to all scientists (social and human as well as physical – a definition that includes most academics), engineers and others. Membership includes a subscription to the BULLETIN and the right to participate in Chapter activities. Membership Subscription: . $25.00 (student/retired: $5.(0). Make cheques payable to SCIENCE FOR PEACE (registered as a charitable organization.) Mail to: Science for Peace, University College, University of Toronto, Toronto, On., M5S IA7. S4P can be contacted by calling Eric Fawcett at 416/xxx-xxxx.