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Network replies to Trudeau

Anonymous — June 1983

Editor’s note: On Wednesday May 11 the Coordinating Committee of the Toronto Disarmament Network held a press conference in reply to Prime Minister Trudeau’s open letter about Canada’s role in the arms race. The following statement was read.

Prime Minister Trudeau either misunderstands the issues involved in the question of Cruise testing, or else he is deliberately attempting to mislead the Canadian public. Mr. Trudeau seems to believe that the disarmament movement seeks unilateral Western disarmament. This it not true. The Toronto Disarmament Network opposes all nuclear weapons, everywhere. We particularly oppose the testing and deployment of Cruise missiles because they represent a qualitatively new and extremely dangerous Stage in the arms race.

Mr. Trudeau seems to believe that failure to deploy the Cruise and Pershing II missiles in Europe will leave the West defenseless in Europe. This is not true. It is a bilateral agreement between Canada and the United States; it is not part of Canada’s role in NATO.

Mr. Trudeau seems to believe that the disarmament movement is motivated by hatred of the United States. This, is not true. We are motivated by a love for this planet and all the people living on it.

Mr. Trudeau seems to believe that there is a US umbrella under which we can hide. This is not true. There is no defense against the nuclear rain which will surely fall if we do not move to disarmament.

The choice for Mr. Trudeau is clear either he can join those millions around the world who are striving for nuclear disarmament, or he can remain an accomplice in the preparations for mass murder.

We call on Prime Minister Trudeau — in the name of humanity — Refuse the Cruise.