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Anonymous — April 1984

Since last month’s issue of The Peace Calendar, another six groups have joined the National Letter Writing Campaign. These include the Calgary Disarmament Coalition, Parents for Peace, the Denman Island Peace Group, Halton Hills Action for Nuclear Disarmament, Community Forum on Shared Responsibility, and our first group from Quebec Ploughshares Montreal. Also, several other newspapers and newsletters are now carrying the Letter. Writing suggestion. For example, the Voice of Women and Community Forum on Shared Responsibility are both including this month’s topic in their own newsletter. .

As mentioned in the March issue of The Peace Calendar, in order that the NLWC and the Peace Petition Caravan Campaign can both have greater impact over the next several months, the NWLC will dovetail its suggestions with the efforts of the PPCC. To this end, this month’s suggestion is to write lona Campagnola, president of the Liberal Party. In writing to her, please request that she ask each candidate for the Liberal Party leadership to endorse and work towards the objectives of the PPCC. Further, inform her that you would like to receive a letter from each of the candidates in which they state their position on each of the PPCC’s objectives. The objectives can be found in the petition on Page 12 of this issue.

No postage is required in writing to the Liberal Party president, and letters should be addressed to the House of Commons, Ottawa, On. K1A 0A6.

Finally, if your group is interested in becoming part of the NLWC, please write to me and let me know that your group endorses the concept and is willing to encourage peace activists in your community to write letters. Also, please send suggestions of individuals you would like to see targeted for letters. Happy letter-writing!

In peace,

Doug Mohr
301-103 Church St.
Kitchener, Ontario N2G 2S3

To date, the following groups have endorsed the letter-writing campaign. We hope to be able to add the name of your group to the list.

Arts for Peace; Brampton and area Peace Council; Calgary Disarmament Coalition; Chatham. Kent Association for Peace and Disarmament; Community Forum on Shared Responsibility; Cruise Missile Conversion Project; Denman Island Peace Group; East End Peace Action; East York Peace Committee; Educators for Nuclear Disarmament; Guelph Disarmament Group; Halton Hills Action for Nuclear Disarmament; Hamilton Disarmament Coalition; Inter-Church Disarmament Project; Killarney Nuclear Disarmament Group; Lakeshore Committee for Disarmament; Lawyers Alliance for Judicial Action on Nuclear Disarmament; Manitoba Peace Council; Mount Arrowsmith Disarmament Coalition; Niagara Disarmament Coalition; North York Action for Disarmament; Operation Dismantle; Parents for Peace; Parkdale for Peace; Peace Education Network; Peace Resource Centre; Performing Artists for Nuclear Disarmament; Plough. shares-London; Ploughshares-St. John’s; Ploughshares Montreal; Ploughshares-Saskatoon; Ploughshares-Sudbury; Ploughshares-Waterloo Region; Port Alberni Nuclear Disarmament Coalition; Psychologists for Social Responsibility; (Waterloo); Safe Mosquito Abatement Committee; Spadina Peace Group; Status of Women (Newfoundland); Thunder Bay Coalition for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament; Toronto Disarmament Network; Toronto Quakers Peace and Social Action Committee; Trinity Peace Association; United Jewish People’s Order; Vernon World Disarmament Coalition; Voice of Women; Waterloo Region Peace Network; and the Winnipeg Co-ordinating Committee for Disarmament.