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From the Publisher:

Anonymous — June 1983

Let’s be honest. The Peace Calendar doesn’t just happen each month. Many volunteers put a lot of time and effort into the creation of each issue. We don’t take The Peace Calendar for granted, and we hope you don’t.

Many people have told us that the Calendar is filling an important need. Our purpose in publishing is to serve as a resource centre for the peace movement. In our Resources column and the Calendar of Events, we refer concerned citizens to further information on all aspects of the disarmanent qusation, as well as suggesting ways you can make your voice heard. We also publish regular information on recent developments of interest to the peace movement.

In our next issue, we are hoping to expand our formal to eight pages, providing us with enough room for book reviews, and for concise, readable analyses of some of the major disarmament issues, such as:

We think you’ll agree that information on these issues should be made available to the public. With the exception of the need for global nuclear disarmament, The Peace Calendar espouses no particular beliefs. We simply present a forum for discussion of these issues, rather than a “platform” of certain beliefs, as is the case with many publications. It is important that we discuss these questions amongst ourselves, and with others, in order to arrive at the facts.

We can’t do all this by ourselves. Because we present the disparate views of Canada’s disarmament supporters, your contributions and feed-back are very important. But, just as importantly, your support is needed.

Many people ask us where our money comes from; they assume that we must be well-funded, because of our success to date. This is not the case. A few donors are making a great personal sacrifice by giving us more money than they can afford to give. At an example, in the last month, our principal donor contributed $1400, and all other sources of income totalled $300. Several staff members are working full-time without pay. To do the job the public is asking us to do, we need several times the amount of money that we currently have.

Relying on a few generous contributors in nor a secure position for us, and it is unfair to these donors.

We need a broader base. The Peace Calendar must increase its income through donations, subscriptions, advertising revenue, and fundraising. We need people who can help us in the areas of

We’re in here for the long haul. We thank those people who have helped us to get started, and we implore others to join us and share in Our excitement, our workload, our successes and our sacrifices. This is your paper; please give it your support, either with your money or your time. We look forward to hearing from you at xxx-xxxx.

Jon Spencer